According to a recent study, over half of Americans consider themselves 'foodies.'  If you count yourself amongst these true food enthusiasts, you've
Planning a Bat or Bar Mitzvah celebration is a significant moment in your child's life. Thus, you want it to be nothing
Although corporate events can be educational and entertaining, they can also be key to developing new business relationships. However, you'll need
Everyone loves a party, and the United States is no different. Research shows Americans spend around $38 billion on party supplies annually.
The market size of the sushi industry is set to grow by another $2.5 billion in the US. This is a staggering
There are an estimated 4,000 sushi restaurants in America. Each year, these restaurants generate an estimated $2 billion in revenue. Based on
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Are you a sushi lover searching for the best sushi catering in Las Vegas? We're right here! However, if you're
What the modern world knows as sushi first got its start around 700 BC. Back then, Japanese people would preserve raw
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Can you believe there was a boom of about 2.6 million weddings last year? Whether you're planning a wedding or another event,
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So you're planning a party. You've found the perfect venue, you have a list of guests you want to invite,
In a Reader's Digest list of America's Favorite 50 foods, the California roll made it to #12. Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura,
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Did you know that wedding catering costs an average of seventy-five dollars per person? That's right, a large part of your wedding budget
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What is the easiest way to turn a dull corporate event into a fun and memorable evening? Of course, it's
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About 2/3 of Americans enjoy sushi, making it a great choice for any event. It's delicious, easily accessible, and unique. Here, we're
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The average person only eats sushi about twice a year, so offering it as an event catering option is extremely memorable. People