Corporate Catering: How to Plan Around Allergies

Corporate events, whether they are formal meetings or team-building gatherings, often involve catering to ensure attendees have a satisfying dining experience.

While planning corporate catering, it is essential to consider the diverse dietary needs of your guests, including allergies. Allergies can lead to severe allergic reactions, with shellfish and peanuts being two of the most common allergens.

If you run a fledgling corporate catering company, then allergies are going to be a cause of anxiety for you. Keep reading this article to learn some strategies. 

Common Allergies

Two of the most prevalent food allergies are shellfish and peanuts. Shellfish allergies typically involve reactions to crustaceans like shrimp, crab, and lobster.

Peanut allergies and tree nut allergies encompass all forms of peanuts and tree nut products. It’s crucial to be aware of these allergies, as even trace amounts can trigger severe reactions in sensitive individuals.

Plan Catering with Allergies in Mind

Prevention is the best form of treatment. You need to make sure that you’re turning up to your corporate catering job with potential allergies in mind.

The company you’re catering for should let you know in advance if anyone has any severe allergies, which can help you plan. 

Detailed Allergen Information

When organizing corporate catering, work closely with the catering service to obtain detailed ingredient lists and allergen information for all menu items. Ensure that this information is readily available for guests to review.

Menu Diversification

Aim to have a diversified menu that accommodates various dietary needs, including allergies. Offer multiple options that are free from common allergens and clearly label them to assist guests in making informed choices.

Allergen-Free Zones

Designate allergen-free zones where the risk of cross-contamination is minimized. These zones can be a haven for those with allergies, ensuring their safety.

Staff Training

Train catering staff to be aware of allergen risks and the importance of handling food safely. They should be well-versed in the ingredients used and be ready to answer guests’ questions about allergens.


Encourage attendees to notify event organizers about their allergies in advance. This way, you can prepare for their specific needs and alert the catering staff to be extra cautious when serving these guests.

Alternatives and Substitutes

Offer alternative dishes for guests with allergies. For example, for someone with a shellfish allergy, provide a seafood-free option. Make sure these alternatives are just as appealing and flavorful.

Emergency Preparedness

Have an action plan in place to deal with allergic reactions. Ensure there are staff members who are trained in handling allergic emergencies and that there is quick access to emergency medical supplies if needed.

Find Corporate Catering Today

When planning corporate catering, taking allergies into consideration is not just a matter of accommodating dietary preferences; it’s a matter of safety and inclusivity.

Allergic reactions can be severe and even life-threatening, so it’s essential to create a catering plan that minimizes risks and ensures a pleasant dining experience.

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