3 Tips for Hiring Sushi Catering in Los Angeles

There are an estimated 4,000 sushi restaurants in America. Each year, these restaurants generate an estimated $2 billion in revenue. Based on this information, one can easily assume that sushi is a popular dish. 

Say you’re hosting a party or another event. What’s going to happen if you decide to have everyone vote on their favorite food and sushi is on the list? Sushi may very well be the most popular dish on the list. 

So you’ll need sushi catering in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, or wherever. Do you not know anything about hiring a sushi caterer? If so, read on for three tips. 

1. Check the State of the Kitchen 

One way to learn how good or bad a sushi catering service is to visit their kitchen. Make an appointment and show up to get a tour. Most catering services who are proud of their work will be happy to accommodate your request. 

Kitchen Cleanliness

A dirty kitchen is a huge red flag. Having a clean kitchen is the best way to prevent foodborne illnesses. If a catering service cooks in a dirty kitchen, your guests could get sick. 

Staff Attitude 

The staff should at least act polite and professional. If they’re rude to you, they’ll likely be rude to your party guests. This can kill a fun party atmosphere quickly. 

2. Make Sure They’re Able to Meet Your Needs 

Catering services are not all the same. Many may be unable to supply all the staff that you need for a larger event. Others may be unable to accommodate the allergies and/or dietary restrictions of some of your guests. 

Ask About Menu Options 

Make sure that you ask your guests beforehand about the kind of sushi rolls they like and any allergies they may have. Keep their answers in mind when you’re looking for sushi catering options. Try to find an option that can accommodate as many needs and requests as possible.

Ask About Staff Size 

In addition, ask the head sushi chef how many staff members he or she can provide. If the number of staff available seems too small for your event, consider choosing a larger sushi catering company. Ensure that all your guests get the staff attention they need. 

3. Find Nearby Locations 

You must make sure that you get a sushi catering company that’s close to your party venue. Bad things can happen if you don’t do this. 

Food Spoilage 

An hours-long drive can spoil food. This is an awful situation for sushi, as it often contains raw fish. Find a company nearby to ensure their food doesn’t spoil. 

We Offer Sushi Catering in Los Angeles

With these tips, you should find the best sushi catering services for your event. Then all your guests should enjoy the party. 

Do you need sushi catering in Los Angeles? We can fulfill your needs. Our sushi catering company offers an unforgettable sushi experience. 

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