3 Corporate Event Catering Trends to Know About in 2024

The US catering industry was worth over $60 billion in 2022 and has likely grown since. An aspect of catering that doesn’t get discussed much is corporate catering, which is now the largest source of income for catering companies, surpassing even weddings.

There have been other changes in corporate event catering, as well. These trends have affected everything from what food is served to how it is presented and more. Much of it reflects ideas that are becoming more popular in the food industry as a whole.

We’ll talk more about a few specific trends and how they’ve affected the industry here. 

1. International Food

The world is evolving to be more globally aware and the result is that we’ve been embracing different cultures in many ways. One of them is through food. International dishes have become more popular catering trends.

There’s also the concept of fusion cuisine, which is the combination of different cultural cuisines into one dish or set of dishes. Many believe this is a new idea, but it’s actually quite old. 

Fusion foods are the natural result of cultures interacting with each other, and that has been happening since the early days of civilization. Half of the experience of trying international food is engaging with the culture behind it. A good example of this is an Omakase meal, which can be a unique and enlightening experience as well as a glimpse into Japanese culture.

2. Sustainability

The quest for a sustainable world has been going on for decades, but we’ve made some interesting strides in recent years. The core of sustainability has always been local ingredients harvested in a way that doesn’t endanger animal or plant populations. Local catering options are a great way to further this goal.

While efforts to create meat substitutes have existed since the turn of the century, actual imitations of meat are a more recent endeavor. Caterers are adopting these substitutes, as are fast food restaurants and other food distributors. This suggests that sustainable food might be going mainstream. 

3. Technology Integration

It seems like we hear more about artificial intelligence every day. AI still hasn’t reached the catering industry, but other digital advancements have. It’s now possible for us to input and customize our orders on a computer and be notified when our food is ready. 

Catering offers some of these same options. We recommend asking the caterer what customization options they have.

Some foods are more customizable than others. Sushi catering can offer many different ways to get exactly what you want. An omakase station, not so much.

Trends in Corporate Event Catering

If you’re looking for corporate event catering, it’s important to take current trends into account. International food and local catering options often play a prominent role in event planning. 

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