Your Event Planning Checklist: When Should You Start Planning Catering?

Would you like to run around at the last minute looking for items to check off on your event planning checklist?

Of course not.

Having the bright idea of setting an event checklist in place is the first step to success. But carrying it out is more complex, whether you are a first-timer or a veteran planner.

Uncover our in-depth event planning checklist below to ensure everything runs smoothly for your affair!

Define the Event and Guest Details

Managing details should always be your priority when creating a party planning checklist. Most planners wait two months to begin this process. But starting three months in advance will give you more breathing space.

Begin by noting event details, such as time, date, and location. Also, determine what type of affair it is to help improve the overall experience for guests. For instance, corporate events will end much earlier than social celebrations like weddings.

Finally, do a head count and discover how many guests will attend. Send out invitations or utilize RSVP tools online so you know how much food and drink to order. In addition, you’ll avoid overcrowding.

Set Budget and Select Event Catering

Once you have your event and guest details, it’s time to set your budget and select caterers. You should do this between two and three months before the occasion.

Since you have a head count, break down your budget into how much you can spend on each person. Don’t forget to book an event catering service that fits your theme and is suitable for any diet.

Studies show that 12,000 catering services operate in the United States. Thus, checking reviews and menus is essential for handpicking the best of the bunch.

Menu Planning and Tastings

Around 1.5 to 2 months before the date, you can start the fun part of the process – menu planning and tastings!

You should now have a shortlist of 3-4 desirable establishments. Work with each other to create a menu that suits everyone’s diet and preferences.

Once you establish a menu, request samples to ensure the food is up to a high standard. You can also invite your colleagues to try the food and can adjust the menu if needed.

Finalize Your Event Catering Details

Confirm the guest count thirty days before the event to ensure accurate quantities. Round up to the nearest ten in case of an accident or the arrival of more guests.

Next, finalize logistical details such as serving styles like buffet, plated, and family-style. Any special requirements, like a dessert table or a specialty drink bar, should be dealt with.

Discuss the timeline with the caterer to ensure smooth coordination on the day. Around 1.8 million events take place during the year. So it’s possible they could get overwhelmed managing multiple parties.

Put Your Event Planning Checklist in Place

It doesn’t matter if you’re organizing a birthday party or a business meeting. An event planning checklist is the key to unlocking a successful event. After reading our insider’s guide, you’ve learned to carry out this critical task.

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