Event Catering: A Quick Guide to Your Options

The average person only eats sushi about twice a year, so offering it as an event catering option is extremely memorable. People love delicious food from other cultures, and sushi is a delicious hand-rolled option for almost every individual. Read on to learn how to choose between event catering packages and why an expert sushi chef is your best bet.

The Top Event Catering Options

When planning an event, many people opt for simple staples. Pizza, sandwiches, salad bars, and tacos are popular options. Unfortunately, these are frequently low-quality and nothing to remember.

Choosing better food will get people excited about your event. It will also make it more memorable after the fact. And there’s no better cuisine to offer up than sushi.

Why Sushi?

Sushi is a dish that Americans and Canadians easily get excited about. It’s delicious, has an artful presentation, and generally makes people feel like they’re living the high life.

Sushi also is easy to order when you work with the right chef. You can simply order maki rolls online and have them brought to your private or company event.

Another awesome thing about sushi is that it’s light and high in protein. It’s a great way to keep people full and satisfied for the duration of a long event. Plus, since it comes with various appetizer options, the main event isn’t the only thing that will keep people happy!

Types of Sushi

Sushi is also a very diverse type of food. You won’t have a lot of restrictions when it comes to what you can order. Some popular types of sushi include:

  • Sashimi, which uses raw fish and seafood
  • Nigiri, which places a large cut of fish over rice and wraps it up in seaweed
  • Temaki, which is a full, uncut roll that you can eat like a burrito
  • Signature maki rolls, which have seaweed wrapping up rice that surrounds the fish/meat/vegetables inside
  • Uramaki, which has seaweed inside the rice rather than the other way around

When you talk to an event caterer, you can choose from many possibilities. Signature maki is generally one of the best options because it’s what most people think of when contemplating sushi. Make sure to include it in your order.

Ordering a Delicious Catered Meal

There are a few things to do before placing an order. The first is to ensure that you work with the right event caterer. Our chefs have 10-20 years of experience and have worked in high-quality 5-star restaurants before, so you know that you’re getting high-quality event catering food.

You’ll then need to decide what to order. Make sure you choose a combination of raw fish, cooked fish, and other non-seafood meats. You also will want non-seafood appetizer options as well as delicious fish.

Everyone’s different and has varying dietary restrictions, so getting a wide range of options is critical.

Get Started

Now that you know some event catering options for sushi enthusiasts, it’s time to start ordering. Sushi Private Caterer is committed to offering some of the best-tasting options in California, Vegas, and Vancouver. Contact us with any remaining questions you have and make your event memorable with delicious catered food.