The Etiquette of Eating an Omakase Meal

According to a recent study, over half of Americans consider themselves ‘foodies.’ 

If you count yourself amongst these true food enthusiasts, you’ve likely heard of Omakase before. And if not, we’re sure you’re eager to discover a new and exciting offering.

To appreciate this gastronomic adventure, you must first understand the etiquette that goes along with it. Let’s delve into the world of Omakase and discover the proper way to savor this extraordinary meal.

Read on to learn more about enjoying Omakase the right way. 

What is Omakase?

The Japanese word Omakase translates to “up to you,” and this phrase forms the foundation of the entire dining experience, where patrons entrust the chef to craft a personalized culinary journey.

It finds its roots in traditional Japanese sushi catering bars, where it was first introduced to showcase the chef’s creativity and expertise.

This rich culinary tradition stands as a testament to the chef’s artistry and bond with their diners. It’s a culinary journey that transcends the ordinary, promising an unforgettable experience with every bite.

Omakase is not just a meal – it’s a culinary adventure. Diners surrender to the expert judgment and skill of a masterful Omakase chef, allowing them to explore a world of new flavors and sensations. 

Dressing the Part

First things first, consider your attire. While Omakase doesn’t always require formal attire, it’s a sign of respect for the chef and the artistry behind the food.

You should opt for smart-casual clothing to show your appreciation for the experience you’re about to embark on.

Be Punctual

Arriving on time is of the essence when dining Omakase. The chef meticulously plans each course, and your tardiness can disrupt the essential rhythm of the meal.

It’s always a good idea to arrive a few minutes early. That way, you’ll be seated promptly, allowing you to fully enjoy the experience from start to finish.

Trust the Omakase Chef

Part of the Omakase experience is placing your trust in the chef’s expertise. They take time to select the day’s freshest ingredients and prepare each dish to perfection.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something you wouldn’t order elsewhere. You might discover a new favorite.

Focus on the Food

While it’s tempting to get lost in the jovial conversation between sips of sake, remember that the food takes center stage when dining Omakase. Limit distractions, put your phone away, and fully immerse yourself in the sublime culinary offerings.

Don’t drink too much alcohol either, as it can dull your palate and hinder your ability to appreciate the intricate flavors.

Bank on Omakase Sushi Catering

Omakase is more than a simple dining experience. Rooted in Japanese tradition, it has evolved into a global phenomenon, captivating food enthusiasts around the world.

Here at M Sushi Catering, our team of master sushi caterers is ready to bring the magic of Omakase to your upcoming event. Whether it’s a wedding, dinner party, or office function, contact us and let our sushi catering services bring your guest’s tastebuds to exciting new places.