Types of Catering Services: What You Need to Know

So you’re planning a party. You’ve found the perfect venue, you have a list of guests you want to invite, and you even have a game plan for getting the party started. But there’s one thing you still need to plan: the food.

Brunch, lunch, or dinner–you need great food to serve your guests, and you want to ensure they get the perfect meal for them. In fact, having the wrong food for your guests can be a “food fight” you might not want to invite to your party.

This is where catering services come to the rescue. But with so many catering options, how do you know what to choose? Learn more about the different types of catering services below.

Corporate Catering

This type of catering is often for events companies host, such as quarterly meetings or trade shows. Companies will provide their employees and stockholders with access to various food and drink while conducting various meetings throughout the day.

If this is the catering you choose, the overall cost of the event will depend on several things. These factors include the number of people attending the event and the type of function being hosted.

For example, meetings that require corporate catering include:

  • Board meetings
  • New product launches
  • Tradeshows
  • Conferences

Wedding Catering

The last thing people want to do during their wedding is worry about how they will provide food to the people that came to celebrate their nuptials. People spend the months leading up to their weddings planning out every aspect of the day, including the food.

Most places offer a package that allows the couple to select from a menu based on the number of guests attending the wedding. When choosing the type of service for your wedding, consider what atmosphere you’re trying to create.

Do you want to keep things light by having a family-style dinner? Or is this a black-tie affair that requires a plated sit-down dinner? 

Social Event Catering

What if you need catering services because you’re hosting a social event for close friends and family to attend? You might even consider this a type of private event catering because it’s not for everyone to attend.

When you host a social event, you might select to have stationary serving tables where guests can choose from a series of hors d’oeuvres. Or you could provide a unique experience and indulge in a complex sushi menu for guests to try. This is something guests are sure to remember.

Types of Catering Services to Know

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or preparing for your wedding, you will need to think about the food you provide to your guests. As you continue working with the catering company, make your needs known and always taste the food before settling on what will be served. 

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