Everyone loves a party, and the United States is no different. Research shows Americans spend around $38 billion on party supplies annually.

If you want to get together with friends and loved ones, throwing a party is a great solution. You can throw several types of parties, each requiring unique pre-planning.

With sushi remaining a popular trend, sushi parties are all the rage. Luckily, planning a sushi party doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you follow our guidelines.

It’s time to learn the secret of throwing a party your guests will discuss for weeks. Here’s how to do so in three easy steps.

Step 1. Plan the Guest List

The first step in planning the perfect sushi party is to decide on the guest list. For example, will your party be a small, intimate event between 4 – 5 friends, or are you expecting to invite twenty or more people? Whichever you decide will influence the rest of the decisions you have to make.

When planning the guestlist, you might wonder if you should invite people who don’t eat sushi. This decision is entirely up to you; however, if you do, you must ensure there is something for them to eat. Likewise, if you invite a large guestlist, ensure you have enough sushi for everyone.

Step 2: Choose a Premium-Quality Sushi Catering Company

The next step in planning the best sushi party is to decide which premium-quality sushi catering company you will use. Finding the right one who will enhance your sushi party and wow your guests is essential.

When choosing a sushi catering service, booking well in advance is recommended to avoid disappointment. Your sushi caterers may have pre-made platters, which you can order for delivery on the day.

Otherwise, some sushi catering companies will allow you to hire a personal chef to cater your event. There are many types of sushi to choose from, and a sushi chef can make a variety for you and your guests to sample.

Step 3: Get Everything Ready

If you choose sushi catering services, you must have a place to set out the sushi platters. Additionally, because sushi is eaten with soy sauce, it’s best to have guests seated when dining. Ensure everyone has a plate, chopsticks, soy sauce bowl, soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger.

If you have a personal sushi chef to make sushi on-site, ensure you have a kitchen with enough room for them to work. You can also consider hiring a private sushi chef to show your guests how to make sushi.

Throw the Best Sushi Party Your Guests Have Ever Seen

A sushi party is an excellent type of party to throw if you want to connect with your friends. You can either have it catered by a professional sushi chef or gather all the ingredients and supplies and make it yourself. By following the steps laid out in this blog, your sushi party planning will be a cinch.

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The market size of the sushi industry is set to grow by another $2.5 billion in the US. This is a staggering figure to show that Americans genuinely love sushi parties and are not about to slow down.

And why should we? Sushi is one of the healthiest and most delicious foods in the world. Here’s everything you should know about sushi catering in Bay Area and how to pamper your dinner guests and take their appetites to the next level.

Before Booking Sushi Catering in Bay Area

When you want to book a sushi catering company, you must ask about their menu and how they can customize selections to better suit your guests. It always helps to know the different types of catered sushi to make the most informed decisions regarding menu items.

Ask About the Different Types of Sushi

The most popular form of sushi is nigiri. This is where a sushi chef will artfully place a slice of raw fish on top of sushi rice.

Nigiris are some of the most popular options at sushi buffets because everyone loves how they are made into a perfect bite size, which is ideal for catered events.

Alternatively, it would be best to try sashimi even though there’s an absence of rice. Makis are also mouthwateringly gorgeous thanks to their rice delicately wrapped in seaweed sheets.

Sushi platters come with numerous different pieces of sushi. These can be arranged on an elegant tray or a large plate, hence why they’re called sushi trays.

The best part is that sushi platters can be large or small, so you can always feed any number of guests without worrying about not having enough.

Always ask your sushi caterer about the types of sushi they can put together in your unique platter to wow your loved ones. For instance, if you’re not such a big fan of the California Roll, you can swap it for another delicious type of sushi.

Ask About Side Dishes

Most sushi catering companies will also offer some popular side dishes. The most popular options that customers typically go for are shrimp tempura, edamame, BBQ ribs, or seaweed salad.

Edamame can be found in most Asian cuisines. Seaweed salads are a refreshing side dish and can be the best palate cleanser for trying several kinds of sushi.

Then you can also ask us about tempura options. These can be vegetables or seafood deep-fried to give you the most divine crunch.

Ask About Vegetarian Options

Before booking sushi catering services, you should always inform your catering company about any specific dietary requirements your guests might have.

This way, your sushi chef can ensure that all the ingredients are safe for everybody’s consumption. This is also the perfect time to let us know if any of your party guests are vegans or vegetarians so that we can include options to delight them.

Try Catered Sushi Today

Now that you know what to ask before booking sushi catering in Bay Area, it is time to put your palette to the test. Ordering sushi can be daunting because you always want it to be fresh and full of flavors everyone will love.

This is why it is essential to hire the best sushi catering company. Contact us today, and we can expertly design your customized display with all sorts of sides and colorful sushi pieces that will have diners rave about your events nonstop.

There are an estimated 4,000 sushi restaurants in America. Each year, these restaurants generate an estimated $2 billion in revenue. Based on this information, one can easily assume that sushi is a popular dish. 

Say you’re hosting a party or another event. What’s going to happen if you decide to have everyone vote on their favorite food and sushi is on the list? Sushi may very well be the most popular dish on the list. 

So you’ll need sushi catering in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, or wherever. Do you not know anything about hiring a sushi caterer? If so, read on for three tips. 

1. Check the State of the Kitchen 

One way to learn how good or bad a sushi catering service is to visit their kitchen. Make an appointment and show up to get a tour. Most catering services who are proud of their work will be happy to accommodate your request. 

Kitchen Cleanliness

A dirty kitchen is a huge red flag. Having a clean kitchen is the best way to prevent foodborne illnesses. If a catering service cooks in a dirty kitchen, your guests could get sick. 

Staff Attitude 

The staff should at least act polite and professional. If they’re rude to you, they’ll likely be rude to your party guests. This can kill a fun party atmosphere quickly. 

2. Make Sure They’re Able to Meet Your Needs 

Catering services are not all the same. Many may be unable to supply all the staff that you need for a larger event. Others may be unable to accommodate the allergies and/or dietary restrictions of some of your guests. 

Ask About Menu Options 

Make sure that you ask your guests beforehand about the kind of sushi rolls they like and any allergies they may have. Keep their answers in mind when you’re looking for sushi catering options. Try to find an option that can accommodate as many needs and requests as possible.

Ask About Staff Size 

In addition, ask the head sushi chef how many staff members he or she can provide. If the number of staff available seems too small for your event, consider choosing a larger sushi catering company. Ensure that all your guests get the staff attention they need. 

3. Find Nearby Locations 

You must make sure that you get a sushi catering company that’s close to your party venue. Bad things can happen if you don’t do this. 

Food Spoilage 

An hours-long drive can spoil food. This is an awful situation for sushi, as it often contains raw fish. Find a company nearby to ensure their food doesn’t spoil. 

We Offer Sushi Catering in Los Angeles

With these tips, you should find the best sushi catering services for your event. Then all your guests should enjoy the party. 

Do you need sushi catering in Los Angeles? We can fulfill your needs. Our sushi catering company offers an unforgettable sushi experience. 

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Are you a sushi lover searching for the best sushi catering in Las Vegas? We’re right here! However, if you’re not ready to work with our sushi caterers, we’ve created this guide to take you on a delicious journey through the city’s best sushi joints.

Whether planning a corporate event or simply craving sushi for your next party, our guide will help you find the perfect sushi catering service that suits your needs and exceeds your expectations. Let’s dive in and explore the best sushi catering options in Las Vegas (and beyond)!

How to Choose a Sushi Catering Company

Before we talk about the best sushi catering in the Bay Area, Las Vegas, or any other city, knowing what to look for when choosing a caterer is helpful. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision.

Research and Compare

Start by researching sushi catering companies in your area (or looking for a reputable sushi chef who might offer catering services). Look for reviews and ratings online to compare the quality of their sushi and service. You can also ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues with experience with sushi catering services.

Menu Options

Check the catering company’s menu to see if they offer types of sushi that fit your taste and dietary preferences. A great sushi catering company should be able to cater to any dietary restrictions, if there are any.

Freshness and Quality

Ensure the sushi catering company you choose uses fresh ingredients and high-quality seafood. Check if the company has a good reputation for sourcing its ingredients from sustainable and ethical sources.

Experience and Versatility

Experience counts a lot when it comes to sushi catering. Make sure you choose a company with good experience in catering events like yours. They should be able to adapt to your specific event needs and size.

What to Expect From Sushi Catering in Las Vegas

When it comes to sushi catering in Las Vegas, there are a few things you can expect. First, let’s talk about how it works.

Typically, you’ll work with a sushi catering company to create a menu for your event. This could be anything from a small party to a large corporate event. You’ll work with the chef to decide on the types of sushi you’d like served and any additional dishes or sides.

Once you’ve settled on a menu, the sushi catering company (that’s us) will take care of the rest. Typically, we’ll prepare the sushi and bring it to your location. Depending on the size of your event, we may bring additional staff to help serve and keep things running smoothly.

The Best Las Vegas Sushi Company

Ready to work with the best sushi catering in Las Vegas? Trust M’s Sushi Catering to cater your event successfully. Our full-service catering and made-to-order sushi platters are the talk of the town. Plus, with customizable menus, we’ll work with you to create unique options that cater to all palettes.

What sets us apart? Plenty of things, but namely, we take fresh ingredients seriously. Our sushi is caught fresh in its natural habitat and prepared on the day of your event. Plus, we only use the best sauces, like yuzu or organic light soy sauce, to give our sushi an extra flavor that can’t be found elsewhere.

But that’s not all. We’re also happy to collaborate with large event planners and are specifically scaled to handle multiple catering events simultaneously. Our founder, Jackson Mou, has worked with some of the biggest names in the culinary world, including Iron Chef’s Master Chef Morimoto. And with his expertise in French, Spanish, and Italian cuisine, we’re always innovating the sushi experience.

Get Catering Services

Don’t just take our word for it – even celebrities love our cutting-edge sushi designs and unbeatable flavors. Trust us to bring a taste of fine art and culture to your next event with M’s Sushi Catering.

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What the modern world knows as sushi first got its start around 700 BC. Back then, Japanese people would preserve raw fish by covering it in rice. This technique evolved into the modern version of sushi around the beginning of the 19th century. 

Today, sushi is a popular food enjoyed by millions around the world. It’s also a great catering choice for your wedding. Read on to learn about the many benefits of sushi catering for a wedding. 

So Many Varieties 

Many people refuse to eat sushi because it contains raw fish. While this is true for many types of sushi, it is not true for all of them. There are also many vegetable-only varieties for vegans, vegetarians, etc. 

So if you decide on sushi event catering, you can please everyone! Just order a wide variety of sushi for private events, weddings, parties, etc. There’s sure to be something there that everyone will love. 

The Fish Isn’t That Dangerous

The raw fish in sushi isn’t as dangerous as you think. Most fish-borne illnesses come from parasites and diseases. Manufacturers who process “sushi-grade” fish take every precaution to eliminate these dangers. 

Immediately upon capturing fish, the fishermen process them. Then they put them under a thorough freezing process. This should kill parasites and prevent any diseases from developing. 

This is why you should only consume high-quality sushi. Lower-quality sushi may not use sushi-grade fish. 

Sushi Is Very Healthy 

Beyond food-borne illness fears, sushi is overall very healthy. Most sushi has some form of fish in it. This meat is a great source of low-fat protein. 

Fish also contains omega-3s. These support brain function, reduce cancer risks, and improve eye health. In addition, they reduce one’s risk of heart disease. 

Beyond the fish, most sushi also contains vegetables. These are full of vitamins and minerals. So if you have a lot of weight-conscious friends at your wedding, order sushi. 

Sushi Is Popular 

Sushi is still one of the most popular foods in America. Google Trends data in 2023 shows that people that sushi is twice as popular as it was five years ago. And as people get more health-conscious, sushi’s popularity may just keep on rising. 

So serve sushi at your wedding party. You’re sure to have many fans among your guests. If any aren’t sushi fans, you can probably convert them. 

We’ll Cater Your Wedding 

With all these sushi benefits, the food is sure to be a hit at your wedding. It’s a healthy food that can change itself to please everyone. 

If you’re interested in having sushi catering for a wedding in California, consider hiring our services. We provide sushi catering in several California cities as well as all of Southern California. Our highly experienced sushi chefs are sure to impress your wedding guests. 

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Can you believe there was a boom of about 2.6 million weddings last year?

Whether you’re planning a wedding or another event, hiring a private chef is the key to a memorable and exceptional experience. Food is a language all your guests can understand and enjoy.

Are you wondering why it’s worth it? Keep reading to learn four reasons why hiring a private chef for event catering is an outstanding choice.

1. Exceptional Culinary Knowledge

When you hire a private chef, you’re investing in their extensive culinary skills and expertise. Private chefs are trained professionals who excel in creating finger-licking and exquisite dishes. They understand flavors, presentation techniques, and menu planning.

With their expertise, they can curate a customized menu that suits your preferences and event theme. They can also be mindful of any dietary restrictions that your guests may have. The private chef will work with the event planner to create a culinary experience that will leave your guests in awe.

2. Focus and Flexibility

One of the standout advantages of hiring a private chef is the personalized attention they provide. Unlike traditional catering services, private chefs focus solely on your event. That way, they can dedicate their time and effort to making it a smashing success.

They’ll listen to your vision and understand your specific requirements. The best chief will ensure every detail is taken care of.

With their flexibility, they can accommodate last-minute changes or unexpected requests. This will help make the planning process stress-free for you and anyone involved. You can think of them as your catering guide.

3. High-Quality Ingredients and Presentation

Are you looking for more private chef benefits?

Private chefs are known for their commitment to using the finest and freshest ingredients available. They source ingredients from the most reliable local markets and suppliers. This goes a long way toward ensuring exceptional quality and taste.

That way, you’ll relax knowing your guests will enjoy a gastronomic experience like no other. Plus, private chefs pay close attention to culinary presentations. A dish that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate can make all the difference.

4. Enhanced Guest Experience and Atmosphere

The presence of a private chef at your event adds an air of sophistication and luxury. They can also engage with your guests as they prepare and serve each dish. This adds an interactive dimension to the culinary experience.

Private chefs are skilled at crafting a dining atmosphere that elevates the venue’s ambiance. Whether with a live cooking demonstration or a unique menu tasting, they create an unforgettable dining experience. This is true no matter what type of catering you decide on.

No Event Is Complete Without a Private Chef

With these advantages in mind, hiring a private chef is something you should do at every event.

We can provide you with high-quality, mouth-watering sushi. We’re happy to cater to weddings, corporate events, and more.

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So you’re planning a party. You’ve found the perfect venue, you have a list of guests you want to invite, and you even have a game plan for getting the party started. But there’s one thing you still need to plan: the food.

Brunch, lunch, or dinner–you need great food to serve your guests, and you want to ensure they get the perfect meal for them. In fact, having the wrong food for your guests can be a “food fight” you might not want to invite to your party.

This is where catering services come to the rescue. But with so many catering options, how do you know what to choose? Learn more about the different types of catering services below.

Corporate Catering

This type of catering is often for events companies host, such as quarterly meetings or trade shows. Companies will provide their employees and stockholders with access to various food and drink while conducting various meetings throughout the day.

If this is the catering you choose, the overall cost of the event will depend on several things. These factors include the number of people attending the event and the type of function being hosted.

For example, meetings that require corporate catering include:

  • Board meetings
  • New product launches
  • Tradeshows
  • Conferences

Wedding Catering

The last thing people want to do during their wedding is worry about how they will provide food to the people that came to celebrate their nuptials. People spend the months leading up to their weddings planning out every aspect of the day, including the food.

Most places offer a package that allows the couple to select from a menu based on the number of guests attending the wedding. When choosing the type of service for your wedding, consider what atmosphere you’re trying to create.

Do you want to keep things light by having a family-style dinner? Or is this a black-tie affair that requires a plated sit-down dinner? 

Social Event Catering

What if you need catering services because you’re hosting a social event for close friends and family to attend? You might even consider this a type of private event catering because it’s not for everyone to attend.

When you host a social event, you might select to have stationary serving tables where guests can choose from a series of hors d’oeuvres. Or you could provide a unique experience and indulge in a complex sushi menu for guests to try. This is something guests are sure to remember.

Types of Catering Services to Know

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or preparing for your wedding, you will need to think about the food you provide to your guests. As you continue working with the catering company, make your needs known and always taste the food before settling on what will be served. 

If you want to host a dinner like any other, contact Sushi Private Cater.

In a Reader’s Digest list of America’s Favorite 50 foods, the California roll made it to #12. Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, and salmon avocado rolls were also on this list. This isn’t surprising as sushi is one of the most popular foods in America. 

This is why sushi can be a great choice for corporate catering. Yes, some guests don’t want raw fish. However, there are also plenty of vegetable sushi options. 

You may not have known this if you didn’t know much about sushi. Read the sushi guide below so you can satisfy everyone’s tastes. 


This type of sushi is a block of rice with a topping placed on it. Usually, this topping is a type of fish or shellfish. This is great if people just want to appreciate the taste of fish. 

The fish in Nigiri can be raw or cooked. If you hire sushi event catering, consider having both raw and cooked Nigiri options. Write labels so it’s easier for people to choose. 


These are the round, seaweed-wrapped rolls that most people think of when they think of sushi. The filling is in the middle and the rice surrounds it. The seaweed (called nori) wraps around the rice. 

At an event, a private sushi chef will lay seaweed on a rolling mat first. Then they will lay the rice and filling down. Once that is ready, the chef will roll the bamboo matt up and press all the ingredients together. 

Once the sushi roll is all packed together, the sushi chef will remove the roll from the mat. Then they will slice the roll into disks. This is what they will serve. 


Urumaki rolls are like maki rolls, but the seaweed and rice switch places. You may often also find other ingredients outside of the rice as well. Case in point, the salmon avocado roll mentioned in the article has salmon wrapped around the outside. 

You can also find uramaki rolls that have stacks of toppings. Such sushi rolls often sit vertically on a plate with the toppings on top. These toppings can be fish, spices, sauces, vegetables, and more. 


Temaki is a type of sushi that resembles a wrap more than a typical sushi roll. Chefs take a sheet of seaweed, put the ingredients on it, and wrap it all up into a cone shape. They don’t cut this sushi roll up into disks before serving it. 

No one quite knows how this sushi style came about. Some believe a modern chef invented it. Others believe the style is over 100 years old. Whatever the case, it’s a great sushi type to eat with your fingers and not get your hands dirty. 

Try Sushi Corporate Catering 

As you can see, there is a wide variety of sushi types. If you decide on sushi corporate catering, you’re sure to find choices that match everyone’s tastes. 

Do you need sushi catering for private events, corporate events, weddings, bar mitzvahs, or others? If so, consider hiring us. Our highly experienced chefs perform sushi catering in several California cities. 

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Did you know that wedding catering costs an average of seventy-five dollars per person?

That’s right, a large part of your wedding budget could be served up on a silver platter, literally. As such, selecting the right wedding catering company is not just about choosing who will prepare the food.

It is also about ensuring you get value for your investment. This decision can significantly impact the overall success of your event and the enjoyment of your guests.

Therefore, asking the right questions is not just a necessity—it’s an absolute must. 

To make things easier for you, we’ve written a blog post that explains the critical inquiries you should be making to your potential wedding catering company. Keep reading if you want to find out more. 

1. Customized Catering Menu Options

The first question to ask is, “Can you customize the catering menu to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences?”

Today’s dietary landscape is diverse. Guests may potentially have vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, or other specific dietary needs.

A good catering company should be flexible and innovative in providing a varied and inclusive menu. Moreover, they should be able to tailor the menu to fit your wedding theme and personal tastes.

2. Range of Services

Secondly, ask, “What is the full range of your wedding catering services, and what do they include?”

Understanding exactly what you’re getting for your money is paramount. Services can range from food preparation and presentation to table setting, bar service, and clean-up.

Some caterers might even include items like linens, glassware, and china in their packages. Ensure the potential catering company provides a detailed breakdown of what their services encompass.

This clarity will prevent any unexpected surprises and additional costs down the line.

3. Handling Unexpected Situations

The third important question to consider is, “How have you handled challenges or unexpected situations in the past?”

A wedding is a dynamic event with many moving parts, and sometimes, things may not go according to plan. This question gives insight into the catering company’s experience, adaptability, and problem-solving skills.

Whether it’s a last-minute change in the catered meal due to unexpected guests or a delay in the reception timeline, you want a caterer who can handle unforeseen circumstances with grace and professionalism.

Remember, your caterer will play a substantial role in your guests’ overall experience. This is why it’s essential to choose a company that can deliver high-quality food and service.

This way, you can focus on celebrating your love and creating lasting memories.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Catering Company

Many spouses-to-be make the mistake of not asking their wedding catering companies the right questions. 

Make sure to find out if your catering company offers customized menu options. You should also ask what kinds of services the company offers. Lastly, inquire to find out how the company responds to challenges. 

Are you ready to hire a wedding catering company that serves mouth-watering sushi? If so, you should work with Sushi Private Cater.

We are Southern California’s premiere sushi catering service. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get started today!

What is the easiest way to turn a dull corporate event into a fun and memorable evening?

Of course, it’s the food.

Experts estimate that 1.3 million corporate-related events occur nationwide. With so many workers attending throughout the years, it can be hard for them to have a standout affair in mind.

Although corporate catering is the easiest way to make the evening, it can also be the quickest way to break it. By choosing the wrong one, you’ll have a memorable event, but not for the right reasons.

So continue reading to uncover ways to turn the occasion into a success!

1. Define the Corporate Event Budget and Needs

Before approaching any catering service, clearly outline your requirements. Determine the type of event, the number of attendees, the venue, and any specific dietary needs. 

Next, you must establish a budget. This will also help you narrow down your options and give you accurate proposals. It is a good idea to add 10% to the final cost of your budget to allow for any mishaps or extra attendees.

2. Research and Compare Multiple Caterers

Once you know how much you can spend on a corporate caterer, it is time to move on to the next phase. You must conduct thorough research to identify reputable corporate catering services nearby. 

Look for reviews, testimonials, and examples of their older work on their site or Google. Consider their experience, view catering menus, pricing, and the range of services they offer. 

It is vital to shortlist at least three catering options that align with your needs in case of a problem.

3. Taste the Food 

A tasting session from the caterers is a simple yet effective tip to get quality cuisine at your event. Every chef will tell you to sample the flavors before serving every meal. But so many organizers choose to ignore this advice.

Tasting the food will let you check the quality and flavor profiles. Choose a catering service emphasizing high-quality ingredients, fresh flavors, and attractive presentation.

Make sure the service can accommodate any specific dietary requirements of your guests. Some of the most common diets are vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free. 

Arguably the most significant issue to cover is allergies. Studies show that 3 million Americans are allergic to peanuts.

4. Consider Catering Services Flexibility and Responsiveness

Communication is crucial in corporate events. Therefore you must assess the responsiveness and attentiveness of the catering service. 

Ask yourself questions such as are they quick in answering your inquiries? Do they offer custom options based on your preferences? 

A flexible caterer who can adapt to a last-minute change or a special request can be invaluable.

5. Inquire About Eco-Friendly Practices

Corporate social responsibility is gaining importance. Thus, you must consider catering services aligning with your business sustainability goals. 

Ask about their practices related to waste management, recycling, and sourcing of ingredients. It will give you an idea of their overall commitment to the environment. 

Opting for an eco-friendly corporate caterer can help showcase your firm’s values.

Use Corporate Catering to Create an Unforgettable Event

There are endless reasons and benefits to hosting business events. From team building to networking and brand visibility to sharing knowledge, it is no surprise you want one this year. Still, you could be in for a long evening if you’re not careful.

Luckily, you came to learn the importance of corporate catering and tips for picking the best one. So why not get to work right away and contact us for information on making a unique upcoming occasion?